Structural Grouting

Structural grouting is done to improve the performance of manmade constructions. Structural grouting is commonly done in tunnels and underground structures where areas are mined, a structure is built, and the void between the structure and the mined material needs to be filled (contact grouting). Additionally, structural grouting may be done within a structure to fill cracks or correct structural deficiencies. Typical grouting programs that are done for structural reasons include:

  • Contact grouting
  • Modified contact grouting (combined with inflow reduction)
  • Annular space grouting
  • Backfill grouting
  • Preplaced aggregate grouting
  • Grouting to correct cracking or concrete defects
  • Rehabilitation of tunnels, penstocks, and dams

Many structural grouting applications are unique. The projects require special grout formulations designed to perform specific tasks under specific circumstances. GEC has the experience to formulate grouts which can deal with these conditions as well as in-house testing capabilities to verify that the required performance characteristics have been met during grout trials and on the job site. Additionally, many of the projects require operational plans and equipment specific to the task at hand. GEC has the capability of assessing each grouting situation and providing unique grouting solutions.