Available Services

Consolidation Grouting

Consolidation grouting is a general term for grouting that is carried out within a rock mass with the intent of filling rock mass discontinuities. The process involves injecting a grout material to fill the discontinuities, which are the pathways through which fluids or gases migrate in most rocks.

Permeation Grouting

Permeation grouting is a general term for grouting that is carried out to fill pervasive void space inherent to the formation of the material being grouted. Generally, this type of grouting is done within soil, however, also may be applied to consolidated materials, such as poorly cemented sedimentary formations.

Structural Grouting

Structural grouting is done to improve the performance of manmade constructions. Structural grouting is commonly done in tunnels and underground structures where areas are mined, a structure is built, and the void between the structure and the mined material needs to be filled (contact grouting).

Contact Grouting

Contact grouting involves the filling of void space between a cast-in-place (CIP) structure and the in-situ geo-material or another structure. It may be similar to annular space grouting, however, when contact grouting, normally the extent of the void space is not known.


GEC performs drilling in support of its grouting services as well as performing standalone drilling projects. Our drilling experience includes top drive rotary percussive, top drive rotary, down-hole-hammer, wire-line core drilling, and thinwall core drilling. Our drillers have performed drilling up to several thousand feet in depth and up to 18 inches in hole diameter.

Special Services

It is often difficult to categorize GEC’s services, as our clients often come to us to solve problems that are unique. Often these projects involve extreme circumstances for drilling and grouting; however, sometimes our clients ask us to apply our skills in ways that even we have never considered before.

Types of Grout

GEC understands that choosing the correct type of grout and designing the grout to meet the project requirements is imperative to a successful project (there’s never been a successful grouting project where no grout was pumped into the ground!).