GEC focuses on serving our mining clients, whether they are mine owners, mining general contractors, or mining engineers. We realize that mining projects are different. Mining operations must deal with uncertain geologic conditions and operate within strict regulatory environment. Equipment specifications and training requirements differ from one type of mining operation to the next. Often, conditions which require our drilling and grouting services were unforeseen. For all of these reasons, GEC has established our operations so that we may be responsive to our mining clients. Some examples of GEC’s capabilities based on these needs include:

  • Special contracting formats which include Key Man and Equipment Supply and Service Agreements.
  • Equipment fabrication and modification capabilities to deal with regulatory or access requirements.
  • Emergency response services which can generally mobilize within several hours to address unforeseen ground conditions.


GEC provides numerous drilling and grouting services for the heavy civil construction industry. Due to our experience with mining clients, GEC’s services are especially well suited for tunneling projects and difficult access projects. Many of these projects include dam rehabilitation work within galleries, on dam crests, or on spillways. However, our extensive grouting experience is also utilized for the installation of grout curtains, ground modification, ground improvement, structural grouting, and other drilling and grouting applications.

Our civil construction clients appreciate that GEC operates as a small company, with all onsite personnel empowered to make responsible decisions; but that we have the personnel, experience, and resources to take on large, complex projects which would generally require a much larger company. GEC’s primary concern is always the success of the projects on which we work. Additional benefits of choosing GEC are outlined below.