Mining Projects


GEC focuses on serving our mining clients, whether they are mine owners, mining general contractors, or mining engineers. We realize that mining projects are different. Mining operations must deal with uncertain geologic conditions and operate within strict regulatory environment. Equipment specifications and training requirements differ from one type of mining operation to the next. Often, conditions which require our drilling and grouting services were unforeseen. For all of these reasons, GEC has established our operations so that we may be responsive to our mining clients. Some examples of GEC’s capabilities based on these needs include:

  • Special contracting formats which include Key Man and Equipment Supply and Service Agreements.
  • Equipment fabrication and modification capabilities to deal with regulatory or access requirements.
  • Emergency response services which can generally mobilize within several hours to address unforeseen ground conditions.

If your mine requires drilling or grouting services, GEC can efficiently and safely complete your project. Additional information can be found below or you can contact GEC directly to discuss your project.


GEC routinely performs projects such as pre-excavation grouting, shaft rehabilitations, or exploratory drilling utilizing traditional contracting methods, however, in many situations, drilling and grouting work associated with a mine are required on an ongoing basis. Because of this, GEC offers its mining clients additional contracting options which more efficiently and cost effectively support operations.

GEC is often contracted on a Service Contract basis. GEC can provide a standard pricing list for personnel and equipment. When drilling or grouting are required, clients then simply notify GEC of the requirements of the project and GEC can mobilize personnel and equipment to the site at pre-established rates. This method of contracting saves time in that a new contract does not have to be established for each project. Many of our clients utilize this method when grouting is required on an intermittent basis, saving them the expense of investing in equipment and having to train personnel each time grouting is required. Additionally, this contracting method provides our clients the security of knowing that GEC can quickly mobilize to the site to address unforeseen catastrophic inflows in emergency situations.

Another option GEC provides is Key Man and Equipment supply. In these situations, GEC will provide experienced personnel and specialty equipment for drilling and grouting operations. The client can supplement crews by providing their own personnel and equipment which are already on hand, decreasing project costs. This service is especially beneficial when grouting operations will have to be undertaken for a significant period due to the cost savings.

A number of our clients have begun utilizing GEC under a service agreement to evaluate the effectiveness of grouting operations and to determine equipment requirements. They then transition to a Key Man and equipment supply contract. During this period, the client purchases equipment and GEC personnel train mine crews on proper grouting methods.  After the client is comfortable with the grouting operations, they will transition their own crews and equipment into the operation.


Access is often an issue on mining projects. Generally, equipment must be sent down shafts or slopes, thereby, limiting equipment dimensions. Once in the mine, the equipment often must be operated in limited headroom, in congested environments, where power sources are limited, among other limiting factors. In some situations, even how the equipment will be moved must be considered.

For all of these reasons and more, GEC maintains the capacity to manufacture and modify equipment. We have worked in areas with less than four feet of headroom, within virtually all types of mines, in shafts thousands of feet from access points, and in numerous other situations where special equipment was required.


GEC understands that for many mines, when grouting services are required, they aren’t planned. They are often due to encountering unforeseen ground conditions. For this reason, GEC is available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week to address emergencies for our mining clients. The phone numbers on our Contact page are cell phone numbers, not office numbers. In most cases, we can have personnel mobilizing to the site within a matter of hours to begin accessing the situation and preparing for grouting operations. Additionally, there are no rate premiums for emergency work for our Service Contract clients. It is our philosophy that if our client is routinely committed to us during their normal operations, then it is our obligation to treat them fairly when they need us most.


For additional information, see GEC’s Mining Service brochure.

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