Civil Projects


GEC provides numerous drilling and grouting services for the heavy civil construction industry. Due to our experience with mining clients, GEC’s services are especially well suited for tunneling projects and difficult access projects. Many of these projects include dam rehabilitation work within galleries, on dam crests, or on spillways. However, our extensive grouting experience is also utilized for the installation of grout curtains, ground modification, ground improvement, structural grouting, and other drilling and grouting applications.

Our civil construction clients appreciate that GEC operates as a small company, with all onsite personnel empowered to make responsible decisions; but that we have the personnel, experience, and resources to take on large, complex projects which would generally require a much larger company. GEC’s primary concern is always the success of the projects on which we work. Additional benefits of choosing GEC are outlined below.


For some of our projects, especially those that require work within a shaft or at a heading (where mining work must stop during grouting), GEC can provide is Key Men and Equipment supply. GEC will provide experienced personnel and specialty equipment for drilling and grouting operations. The client can supplement crews by providing their own personnel and equipment which are already on hand, decreasing project costs. This service is especially beneficial when grouting operations will have to be undertaken for a significant period due to the cost savings.


Many of GEC’s projects are undertaken where access is limited. Whether it be ingress / egress, limited headroom, congested environments, where power sources are limited, or other limiting factors. In some situations, even how the equipment will be moved must be considered.

For all of these reasons and more, GEC maintains the capacity to manufacture and modify equipment. We have worked in areas with less than four feet of headroom, in shafts thousands of feet from access points, and in numerous other situations where special equipment was required. Additionally, GEC also has the ability to pump grout for long distances due to equipment or material access limitations. We have pumped grout for lengths up to two miles and depths and heights of hundreds of feet.


GEC understands that at times when grouting services are required, they aren’t planned. This is often due to encountering unforeseen ground conditions. For this reason, GEC is available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week to address emergencies for our mining clients. The phone numbers on our Contact page are cell phone numbers, not office numbers. In most cases, we can have personnel mobilizing to the site within a matter of hours to begin accessing the situation and preparing for grouting operations.

For additional information, see GEC’s Tunneling Services and Dam Services brochures.

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