Special Services


It is often difficult to categorize GEC’s services, as our clients often come to us to solve problems that are unique. Often these projects involve extreme circumstances for drilling and grouting; however, sometimes our clients ask us to apply our skills in ways that even we have never considered before. Due to GEC personnel’s experience in the mining and heavy construction industry we can provide a cost effective solution for our clients in most cases (even if it is outside our scope of services, we can generally recommend a company that can help). Following are some examples of GEC’s unique applications:


Material delivery and handling can be a significant obstacle on some projects. This aspect of the work may influence the type of grout utilized (and thus the equipment used). GEC has the experience to recommend the correct grout type and the equipment to deliver the grout. In some instances, extensive grout delivery systems may be required. GEC personnel have pumped grout hundreds of feet down, over a thousand feet up, and approximately two miles horizontally.


In many underground environments, the threat of large groundwater inflows is a significant safety and operational concern. This is not because these inflows are encountered often, but because if they are encountered, they can be catastrophic. Additionally, when these inflows are encountered, they must be handled immediately or the underground workings may be lost. GEC has successfully handled instantaneous inflows estimated up to 20,000 gpm.

Sometimes the intent is not to stop large volumes of water, but to control them so that they can be handled through pumping. GEC has been involved in the design of underground systems to control and direct inflows of up to approximately 1,800 gpm.


For some projects, grouting off water flow may not be the most advantageous method of stopping the water. GEC has provided temporary water control measures for unanticipated inflows up to 2,000 gpm. Due to our experience dealing with large water inflows, GEC can provide services to deal with large water inflows quickly.


GEC has been called on to provide grout seals around raw water intakes which were required to hold back rivers, provide seals around penstocks to hold back lakes, and perform chemical grouting operations to hold back creeks to keep mines from flooding. We have repaired skip pockets, loading chutes, conveying operations, and bulkhead piping with grout. If your project involves extreme circumstances, needs material placed in hard to access locations, or water inflow is a problem, GEC likely has a solution.